An in home service

My Art Therapy practice is an in home service. I supply art materials and go to the client’s home. This is suitable for clients on the autistic spectrum and their carers in that they don’t have to travel. People with autism are often very withdrawn and sensitive to input and change. Many will be more comfortable in their own surroundings. It also helps transfer art as an interest to practice with increasing independence. Many autistic people contextualise activities to an initial space and will not undertake an activity in another location (such as shifting the activity to the home if they are used to going to a therapist’s room). Conducting therapy in the home also means the parent/carer can become involved and learn to engage with the client in art activity outside therapy sessions which can also help establish art activity as a more independent interest. This form of therapy in the home involving family members has a tradition in counselling, called filial therapy. 

Part of the service for all clients (within the tradition of filial therapy) will involve setting up a suitable space with appropriate equipment for practicing art activities outside the therapy context. This is suitable as art activity can have a calming effect and clients can establish a self regulating practice and ongoing independent activity or interest at home and without always having the therapist present.