Michael was a 16 year old client who was verbally articulate but prone to meltdowns in which he could become aggressive. Art therapy was clearly a calming activity for him. On one occasion, while painting a typically colourful abstract, he stated that it had been a bad day and it became clear that he had had an earlier breakdown. He added "It is not easy being mean". I immediately responded, holding back amusement, recalling Kermit the frog’s "It is not easy being green". This led to a discussion that Kermit couldn't help being green and that he couldn't change his colour whereas it was possible to try not to be mean. I told him about ways to calm himself including deep breathing and advised him on ways to be aware of his emotions. In the space of art therapy Michael often articulated his feelings and recent issues. While his focus was on painting it was possible to address these issues without the conversation been too confrontational. This was often because while he continued painting I would talk to him about issues, without making eye contact and without it being the main focus of the activity.