Paint is a fluid medium with quick effects that can excite. It can be frightening or over-excite as it can give a sense of being out of control. Anita works to direct clients towards controlled experiences with paint, as traumatised and autistic clients benefit from positive experiences of being in control of external input and output. 


There are various types of drawing media which have varying qualities. Pastels, pencils and crayons have some resistance when used for mark making. This helps reduce tension and anxiety. Slow drawing in particular is calming. Textas are quick and precise providing clear mark making and a strong sense of control. 

walkign bird.JPG

paper works

Paper can be torn and pasted. Tearing is also calming. It can also be made into sculptural forms which help clients understand forms of symbolic representation. Constructions can also be used to develop imaginative play skills. 


Clay is another resistant media (compared to play dough which does not retain its form). Used in large quantities it involves large physical pressure and movement which is particularly calming. It also helps develop hand strength. Clay animation can be used to create narratives.