About Anita

Anita Bragge
Registered Art Therapist (ANZATA) 
Masters of Art Therapy (LaTrobe) 
Bachelor of Fine Arts (VCA)
Bachelor of Arts (UMel) 

Following a career as a fine artist, Anita completed a Masters of Art Therapy at La Trobe University. She completed her Masters Research Thesis titled Using Art Therapy with Children Diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder to Broaden Engagement with the External World. This work was also published as The emergence of the 'Interactive Square" as an approach to art therapy with children on the autistic spectrum in 2009, in the distinguished journal the International Journal of Art Therapy.

Anita has worked with both verbal and non verbal clients across the autistic spectrum, primarily within special education from ages 5 to 18. She also has extensive experience working with various forms of physical and  intellectual disability and working with people with depression and anxiety issues.  

She has a chapter in Sara James edited volume, An Extraordinary School: Remodellng Special Education; and in the ACER Press book 2012 entitled "In their own words. The risk of drawing trains". She appeared in the film An Extraordinary School produced by
Maggie Miles.

Anita completed a Bachelor of Arts at Melbourne University majoring in Cultural Studies and Art History. She completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Printmaking) at the Victorian College of the Art (VCA), Melbourne University during which she received a number of Awards including:

  • Dante Alighieri Society Award, First Prize for artwork responding to The Divine Comedy

  • T'Galliant Winery Print Label, 1995 Chardonnay

  • Ian Potter Award

Anita's work has been selected for various Print Award exhibitions and group exhibitions. In 1999 she won the Australian Print Workshop (APW) Collie Award which enabled her to work a year producing her own prints at the APW's Access Studio. In 2004 she had an individual exhibition titled Impressions at the APW.

Anita Bragge works are held in various public and private collections, most notably at The National Gallery of Australia.